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Application Lifecycle Management
for the FinTech Sector

Improved Cyber Resilience
Optimised Regulatory Compliance
Complete Cross Project and Organisational Collaboration
Assured End to End Traceability and Reuse
Polarion's ALM Solution

About Us

Phrontier Software specialises in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions for the Fintech industry.
We help FinTech companies achieve regulatory compliance more efficiently, whilst also helping teams collaborate on shared assets easily and securely. Our ALM solution allows the complete management of your requirements through to testing, release and ongoing support. ​
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What Does ALM Offer the FinTech Sector?

Live Metrics and Reports
Live Metrics and ReportsLive Metrics
& Reports
Change and Impact Management
Change and Impact ManagementChange & Impact
Requirements Management
Requirements ManagementRequirements
Test Case Traceability Management
Test Case Traceability ManagementTest Case Traceability Management
Issue and Defect Management
Issue and Defect ManagementIssue & Defect Management
Reuse Management
Reuse ManagementReuse
Planning and Resource Management
Planning and Resource ManagementPlanning & Resource Management
Agile/Hybrid Project Management
Agile/Hybrid Project ManagementAgile/Hybrid Project Management
Build and Release Management
Build and Release ManagementBuild & Release Management

Polarion ALM

Polarion's ALM solution gives organisations complete management of their requirements through to testing, release and ongoing support.


• Word and Excel Import/Export - Live Doc Round Tripping
• Management of all Lifecycle Artifacts
• Single and Secure Central Repository
• Test Case Management and Issue Tracking
• Intuitive and Easy to Use

An application lifecycle management solution must follow the trends and challenges of modern software development: increasing demands for customisation and varients, highly complex projects, distributed teams and more.

Polarian ALM is based on these three core pillars.

Helping FinTech Companies Manage Their Software Development Lifecycle

Polarion ALM


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